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About the project

This project is dedicated to the research and better understanding of manta rays, both Manta Alfredi and Manta Birostris. I am currently doing an independent research project for my Marine Option Program at Kapi'olani College. My goal is to find a manta ray population around the waters of O'ahu in order to study them and bring more awareness to the public about these amazing creatures.

How can i help?

Although I am currently diving at my own research sites, I am asking for the help of the community, if you spot a Manta Ray it would be very helpful if you could report it in order for me to add the sighting to my database. if you have a picture (even better!) please send it in so that I can identify it.


Learn How to Differentiate the Two Species

Manta alfredi

Manta Alfredi are smaller is size then their siblings Manta Birostris. They are known to have a greater site fidelity. Some of the factors threatening our Manta ray population include: coral bleaching, over fishing, pollution and expansion of the local tourism.

 Manta Alfredi

Manta Alfredi

Manta birostris

Manta Birostris or the Giant Oceanic Manta is the biggest of the two species, their wingspan usually reaches 4-5 meters but larger ones have been seen at 7 meters while the biggest ever measured was 9 meters. They can weight up to over 2,000 tons, which is over 4,400 lbs. They are pelagic mantas, therefore the are migratotary animals that spend most of their lives in the deep blue ocean feeding on plankton. Yes these giants are also filter feeders which makes them totally harmless!


 Manta Birostris

Manta Birostris

Humans Threats